Scenic Views of America (Part II)

We all know that this entire web page is about the Scenic View Studio that we are a part of and things like that but a lot of people may not know that what we do is nature photography from all across the globe, and although we are definitely going to be talking about some of the most scenic views in the entire world later on in this list of articles on this blog we are at first going to continue our discussion about the American west and all of the most scenic views of America. The truth of the matter is that a bunch of people are really interested in learning more about some of the most scenic views of America because of course they are so close by and within driving distance, and we all know that America makes for incredible road trips that are unforgettable and that definitely includes places like what we are going to be talking about in this particular article. So of course as we continue to talk about things like the scenic views of America we should definitely say that the entire country of the United States is riddled with natural beauty and even on the east coast we can think of a bunch of really cool scenic views that are extremely beautiful for all of everyone to see and through our photography, but what we are going to be doing in this article is focusing more on the American west and in particular places like Colorado, California and Utah. We definitely think that these three states offer a lot to the photographers of the world, and of course the scenic beauty in these states is absolutely undeniable. These states are some of the most beautiful in the entire country and a are very outdoor oriented, and that is mostly due to the facts that there really is just so much to do outdoors in these states and see so much, and I think that is part of the reasons why we should consider all of this type of stuff really epic. So without any further hesitation let’s continue talking more about the most scenic views of America.

So the next of the scenic views of America that we are going to be talking about is the Colorado Rockies, and although this is definitely a really large area in general and covers pretty much the entire state of Colorado we are going to be breaking this simple article down a little bit and just talk about a few of the places that we think are the most beautiful in Colorado. First of all we have the town of Telluride, and just the town itself is one of the most scenic views in America because it is in the middle of a gigantic canyon with waterfalls in all directions, and then we have the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado. These mountains are some of the most majestic in the country and are also some of the most photographed mountains in the entire world, and it is just a great hike to get up to the lake at the base of the Maroon Bells. Then of course we can not forget places like the Continental Divide.